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The Dollar Coffee Club Products

Enjoy the world’s most perfect coffee or tea at home or wherever life takes you. Conveniently packaged, expertly blended and flavor sealed for a delicious cup every time, Javita’s products are available in a variety of box combinations, including bulk packs to save you money. Simply select one of the categories to the left, add the products you want to your cart, checkout - and let us do the rest. It's that simple!

Burn + Control Coffee (24 Sticks)
Item: 2010 Burn + Control Coffee (24 Sticks)
Energy + Focus Coffee (24 Sticks)
Item: 1010 Energy + Focus Coffee (24 Sticks)
Lean + Green Sencha Green Tea (24 Sticks)
Item: 8010 Lean + Green Sencha Green Tea (24 Sticks)
FocusFusion Cocoa (24 Serving Pouch)
Item: 9011 FocusFusion Cocoa (24 Serving Pouch)
Burn (60 veggie caps)
Item: 3010 Burn (60 veggie caps)
Protein (18 serving pouch)
Item: 9510 Protein (18 serving pouch)
Cleanse (24 veggie caps)
Item: 3210 Cleanse (24 veggie caps)
ActiveBlendz Control (24 Sticks)
Item: 5210 ActiveBlendz Control (24 Sticks)
ActiveBlendz Defend (24 Sticks)
Item: 5410 ActiveBlendz Defend (24 Sticks)
ActiveBlendz Flex (24 Sticks)
Item: 5610 ActiveBlendz Flex (24 Sticks)